British Made Dog Beds

British Made Dog Beds

Check Out These Great Affordable British Made Dog Beds with Free Delivery

Washable Dog Beds:
The Lounger, Ivy & Duke

All  Ivy & Duke beds are filled with Mattress grade Memory Foam, to ensure your dog gets the best support and comfort possible.

  • 72cm x 56cm
  • 85cm x 65cm
  • 115cm x 89cm
  • 36cm x 103cm
  • Has a solid Memory Foam pad in the centre and blown fibre bolsters
  • All covers are removable and machine washable
  • 600 denier material which makes the bed extremely robust and durable
  • Free 10 working day delivery

The Lounger provides luxurious comfort in the form of its Memory Foam pad base, and it’s generously filled hollow fibre bolsters.

The inner pad is removable, and all the covers can be zipped off and machine washed.

The unique base cushioning is made of a removable, single pad which is 100% Memory Foam, This increases the volume without increasing the density and helps regulate the body temperature, eliminating any uncomfortable hot spots. The Memory foam will mould itself to your dog’s body shape, allowing the skeleton, muscles joints and to rest in their natural position.

This bed fits comfortably in any interior and will make a great addition to your living room or kitchen.

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British and Fabulous Chilli Dog Charcoal Faux Leather Sofa Dog Bed with FREE Delivery

The great quality Chilli Dog Charcoal Faux Leather rectangular sofa dog bed is made in the UK from super soft fabric and generously filled with 100% non-allergenic virgin fibre to make a soft and cosy resting place for your pets.

Having a thick base & sides, these beds possess high heat retention qualities and a solid overall structural integrity and are also washable at 30c and will revert back to their original shape when dry.

Each Chilli Dog bed is invertible for easy vacuuming & removable of pet hair. please note the base cushion is not removable.

The Charcoal Faux Leather Dog Bed by Chilli Dog is a great quality British Made bed which is fully machine washable and comes in a choice of two sizes.

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How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed for your Dog

How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed for your Dog

Dog bed RSPCA

Like humans, it is important for dogs to get enough rest. As dog owners, we can help our dogs to get the important down-time they need by ensuring they have somewhere quiet and comfortable to sleep without any disturbances.

To read and discover more from the RSPCAs top tips on choosing the perfect dog bed for your dog, please read here:

Source: How to Choose the Perfect Dog Bed for your Dog

7 Things to Consider When Buying Dog Beds

Tired of your pup jumping on your bed or couch to catch a few ZZZs when you’re not looking? The reason may be because they don’t like their dog bed. There are different kinds of beds for dogs and choosing the right one for your pup can help in your battle for the comfy real estate.

Having a Ball

How does your dog like to get comfortable? Does he prefer to curl up into a ball when he sleeps?

Pitching a Tent

For dogs that prefer to hide away when they sleep, there are covered beds called either Tent or Cave Beds. For short-haired pups that may get cold easily, this kind of sleeping quarters may be perfect as they feature a top made of fabric or foam for some extra security and warmth.

Off the Floor

For the pup who likes to be off the ground to better survey his environment, there are Raised Dog Beds. These types of resting places look like dog sofas set on a frame. These are especially good to help keep your pup off the cold floor and can make the area around it easier to clean.

A Welcome Mat

For larger, long-haired dogs who like to stretch out, try Mat Beds. These are big square pads that sit directly on the floor. The expansive size of the mat allows your furbaby the option to choose which way they want to sleep or just provide them with a spot to chew on one of their toys as they rest comfortably.

Keeping It Clean

No matter what bed you choose, we recommend one that has a cover that is both removable and washable. This will allow you to strip off the outer layer and stick it in the washing machine for a quick cleaning of all the hair and dirt particles.

The Inside Story

Once you have decided on the style of bed and the type of cover, it’s time to think about the insides. Depending on your pup, you may want to look at either a solid foam pad or one with loose fiber filling. Generally speaking, older dogs will probably prefer the solid pad to catch some shut eye while younger ones may prefer the loose filling that they can contour to their exact tastes. For pups who have issues with joint pain or arthritis, there are orthopedic mats for extra comfort.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

The key to purchasing a dog bed is to first understand exactly how your pup likes to sleep. If you get them the perfect one for their body type, age and sleeping style, your contented pup will be happily counting sheep in their own space before you know it.

Source: To find out more about 7 Things to Consider When Buying Dog Beds